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It’s normal to get angry every now and then – it’s a natural response to certain physical and psychological conditions. But frequent feelings of frustration, rage and anything in between could mean that you have an anger management problem. From heated arguments to utter fury, unhealthy levels of aggression can create far-reaching tremors in your life that don’t just affect you, but also affect your partner, family, friends and co-workers.


Thankfully, there are ways to address the issue. Counselling can be a highly effective way to alter your way of thinking, mange your anger and take back control of your life.


How counselling can assist with anger management


Managing your anger is not about simply suppressing your emotions. It’s focused on acknowledging what you’re feeling, being aware of your thoughts, identifying triggers and recognising why you feel the way you do. Rather than using anger and aggression as a way of expressing your emotions, you will learn to approach issues with a clearer mind and establish constructive methods of controlling your emotions.

This doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice your own needs: in fact, it equips you to communicate more effectively and maintain healthy relationships with those around you. As a result, you’ll be able to avoid flying off the handle and potentially hurting those around you – physically and emotionally.

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Anger problems can manifest in many ways: road rage, frequent arguments, conflict at work, passive-aggressiveness and physical violence just to name a few. Choosing to seek out counselling is not a sign of weakness. In fact, it’s a sign of strength to acknowledge the issue and actively work towards a solution.

If you feel that continual feelings of frustration or anger are throwing your life out of balance and potentially having an impact on your loved ones and peers, get in touch with Rising Strong to find out more about our anger management counselling in Melbourne.

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