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It is important to note:  The videos below, should be considered as a guideline only.
Your personal circumstances must always be taken into account, as no two people are ever
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Video Chat 1

Fair fighting.


Welcome to my inaugural online video.

In this episode, I talk about "fair fighting" to assist in conflict resolution. Fair fighting needs to be discussed further in a counselling sessions for all of the details to be correct about entering into a fair fighting contract, however, this is a great place to start. 

Video Chat 2

Loss & bereavement.


This week's video discussion is about grief, loss and bereavement. I talk about grief over a time line and show you how it can look, the ways that we make it harder on ourselves by putting time constraints on grief .Additionally, I explore why it is important to acknowledge and validate the pain, and healing .

Video Chat 3



THis very serious video discusses the difference between suicide ideation and the risk of how that turns into planning and executung a plan. I also discuss some of the various ways of keeping safe through safety plans and accessing immediate help.

Please note: If you or a loved one needs immediate suicide intervention call 000.

Video Chat 4

Life Blockers.


If you struggle with moving through difficult tasks because you feel stress, anxiety and/ or panic, then you need to watch this video! This is a real struggle for many and I want to validate these feelings

through this video! Welcome to the comfort, stretch and panic zones! 

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