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Here at Rising Strong Counselling and Training Services, we provide a warm and safe environement for indviduals and their families to come to to discuss their problems to gain prospective and help to move forward. Our strength based approach allows people to discover and focus on developing skills that they most likely were unaware that they had. This also allows resilience to build naturally, and personal development to occur.


Well-being and life balance through the use of empowerment, choice and healthy boundaries, are essential to reach a space of balance and happiness . In all areas of services we use a blend of counselling and training methods to ensure that every person we meet have their needs are catered for.

We recognise that everyone learns and grows differently, and embracing this in the counselling process is essential, and therefor we are flexible and have a "tool box" of methods and approaches.


This sets Rising Strong aside from other services as  we are always adapting the counsellign room, to work for the person / couple or family at the time, and we have the international experience to make any situation work. We are not afraid of the new and not afraid of the unknown.

Counselling covers such a broad area, that it is hard to find someone that understands.  It is important to spend time selecting a counsellor that suits you and your needs. 

Below is list of areas that are "specialty" areas and have facilitated clients to their desired goals consistently. It is important to remember, that to find a counsellor that you feel you can trust and works with you to achieve your goals, is the priority.





Couples Therapy/ Relationship Counselling


​Couples are all unique! Whether you are in a hetrosexual or gay relationship, achieveing the relationship

you  have dreamed of, is not out of reach! Fair fighting, communication, re-connection,  intimacy issues,

past family history impacting on your relationship, coping with life stresses as a couple, boundary issues,

trauma, anger management, violence and safety planning. This is a specialty area within the service with 

an extremely high successrate. Please call to discuss your personal relationship needs even if they are

not specificaly listed.  


Individual Counselling

Feeling  not quite like yourself?  Experiencing Life change, grief and bereavement, trauma, depression, chronic illness, aggression and/or anger management. Sometimes having a space to express yourself with no judgement can be the difference between survival or happiness. Learnign to thrive  after an event can be difficult and many poeple struggle to assk for help. Call us today to disuss your personal needs. A blend of current practice therapies and some guidence and coaching could be the difference between 

Family Counselling 

Our family counselling service, can assist any family to negotiate issues that they are experiencing, including, the gentle art of blending families, power and control issues,  understanding mental health challenges within the family, adolescent and childhood issues, sibling issues around chronic health and self esteem issues. The dynamics  of any family can be difficult to navigate and at times needs a professional to help all members of the family to be heard. 


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