At Rising Strong Counselling and Training Services, there is a recognition everyone learns and grows differently and that embracing the process is essential. Sessions combine a range of counselling techniques and training methods to ensure every client has a solution uniquely tailored to their needs.


A strength-based approach creates a space for discovery, and a focus on skills development. This also allows resilience to build naturally and true personal development to occur.

Below is a list of specialty areas, but please keep in mind each individual's needs are unique. If you're unsure about how your needs might best be met, please contact us to discuss it further. We would love to help you find a solution. 


Relationship Counselling


​Our relationships are of fundamental importance to our ongoing mental and emotional health and wellbeing. Each is unique and people seek counselling about their relationships for a variety of reasons.


Melissa specialises in issues around anger management, building fondness and admiration, boundary setting, communication skills, creating and re-building long lasting intimacy, domestic and family violence, fair fighting, impacting family history, life stress management, rebuilding trust after regrettable incidents, reconnection, safety planning and trauma.

1 hr  |   $175


Individual Counselling

Having a space to explore and express yourself with no judgement is a privilege not extended to many of us in everyday life. People seek individual counselling for a wide range of reasons and the solutions will be different for everyone.


Melissa specialises in anger management, chronic illness, depression, grief and loss in the context of death and life changes, and trauma.

1 hr  |   $130


Family Counselling

Family disharmony and conflict can be extremely challenging to live with. Counselling provides a safe and objective space for issues to be explored, negotiated and managed.


Melissa specialises in childhood and adolescent issues, blended families (including co-parenting across multiple households), chronic illness support, power and control issues, mental illness in the family context, power balances, and self-esteem.

1 hr  |   $175